Original Link: http://blog.svbtle.com/open-for-everyone

Dustin Curtis:

When I first started working on Svbtle, I was building it out of frustration. I felt that publishing platforms had become too complicated by focusing on the wrong things. What I was looking for was a platform that rolled up its sleeves and worked hard to get at the core of what writing is really about–sharing ideas, naturally.

Svbtle is designed to highlight the things that matter; it’s an extremely simple platform for collecting and developing ideas, sharing them with the world, and reading them. That’s it. We’ve focused all of our energy into designing the simplest interface possible for accomplishing these goals. Svbtle is blogging with everything else stripped away.

Until now, we’ve been an exclusive platform open only to approved users. We took this initial approach because we wanted to ensure that the software worked, first of all, and that the platform was seeded with great content by seasoned and experienced authors. Now we’re finally ready to let more people try Svbtle. Today, we’re opening sign up for everyone.

I like the Svbtle platform, and I’m happy that they’ve opened their platform up for everyone to use now.