Original Link: http://www.marco.org/2013/12/14/rate-this-app

Marco Arment:

A rule banning “Rate This App” dialogs would have the same problem: since the dialog is unlikely to appear during app review (and could be easily coded to guarantee that it wouldn’t), they’ll almost never reject anything for it. Once an app is in the wild, there’s no good way for Apple to be reliably notified of violations, and even if they added one, the line between permissible and prohibited would be vague and easy to skirt.

We could all rate these apps lower as a form of protest, but it’s unlikely to have a meaningful impact. The App Store is a big place.

Marco is correct here that Apple, practically speaking, could not ban this practice.

But I’m not sure I agree that a campaign to rate these apps poorly wouldn’t work. While the App Store is a big place, but there aren’t that many reviews for most apps, even popular ones