Original Link: http://qz.com/120946/the-complete-guide-to-not-being-that-idiot-who-got-the-company-hacked/

Every week there are headlines about a company getting its email, website, Twitter accounts or something else hacked. The reason? In a word: Employees.

Each of your accounts and devices is a potential way in for a hacker. “You’re only as protected as your weakest link,” says Tom Cochran, chief technology officer at Atlantic Media (which owns Quartz), and former head of digital technology at the White House. ”All it takes is one person to fall for a phishing scam for your organization to fall for hackers.”

So how you do avoid being that weakest link? Cochran, along with two of Quartz’s developers, Michael Donohoe and Sam Williams, offered a list of ways for people and businesses to secure their online property. Here are  their tips, in roughly increasing order of difficulty.

This is a useful starting point if your company does not yet have an anti-hacking security procedure in place.

Even if you know all of these rules, odds are good that there are plenty of folks you know who have never given these steps a first thought, let alone a second.