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Marco Arment

The iPad 2 was released in March 11, 2011 for $499. Apple reduced its price to $399 in March 2012, and they announced this week that it will continue to be available at that price, probably until at least late 2014.

Steve Jobs proudly presented the iPad 2 to the world, in his second-to-last keynote, proclaiming that it had a whopping 65,000 apps. It was the first iPad to offer Verizon 3G, cameras, Smart Covers, and GarageBand, and it shipped with iOS 4.3: not only did this predate iCloud, but it predated Siri, which debuted seven months later on the cutting-edge iPhone 4S.

BlackBerry was still a month away from releasing the PlayBook, HP was preparing to launch the TouchPad shortly after that, and the Kindle Fire was still six months out. Google was busy finishing the first version of Google+. President Obama hadn’t yet been re-elected, Osama Bin Laden was still alive, and most of the Arab Spring hadn’t happened yet.

It was a while ago.

I wasn’t entirely surprised about keeping the iPad 2 around again this year, I was surprised about keeping the iPad Mini first gen around, but I actually liked that model, as do many other people so it’s not a huge surprise.

Keeping a lower priced unit around makes sense, and it also works for the upsell… You have the two units side by side, the iPad 2 next to the iPad Air, and people can try them both out and see the difference…

I’ve seen several people decide on the newer unit after trying them both out with the same apps, and now with the new form factor of the iPad Air, placing them side by side will make it stand out even more.