Original Link: http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/samsung-galaxy-gear-review-time-smartwatch/story?id=20493133&singlePage=true

Joanna Stern, writing for ABC News:> It turns out that the Galaxy Gear isn’t a very smart watch. Sure, it might do more than the watch you are wearing right now — at least on paper — but your everyday watch can tell time faster than the Gear, and is certainly more comfortable and attractive. And while the Gear does put some smartphone functionality on your wrist, it still requires you to grab your phone quite a bit, whether it is for installing apps or checking for more information about certain notifications. And that’s all assuming you can keep it on for long enough, given the comfort and battery life hurdles. > > [..] > > Over the past week I have repeatedly taken the Gear off and left it behind in meetings or on my desk at night because it just hasn’t been comfortable to wear. In fact, it actually took me awhile to write this review, because just keeping the watch on for longer periods of time was a challenge. > > And when I wasn’t taking the watch off because of discomfort, I was taking it off to charge it. This was a great review of the Galaxy Gear. Samsung’s jump into the smart watch market seems to have been aimed more towards claiming to be first to market than actually providing a useful tool for users.. The [general opinion for the Gear](http://www.theverge.com/2013/10/1/4779568/samsung-galaxy-gear-review) has been to stay away from it. This product is turning into one of the worst-reviewed major new tech products in a long time.