Original Link: http://www.theverge.com/2013/10/7/4812630/fox-news-shepard-smith-news-deck

Fox News has just unveiled a breathtakingly ridiculous newsroom, complete with novelty-sized Windows-based touchscreens, a Twitter wall, and a wannabe Minority Report-style display, which it hopes will connect it with generations of viewers who use smartphones and apps.

In a video that could be mistaken for a College Humor or Saturday Night Live parody, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith walks viewers through the network’s new setup, which includes workstations with 55-inch touchscreen monitors. In the video, journalists swipe through pages and apps, presumably collecting information for live reporting. “We call these BATs,” Smith notes. “Big area touchscreens.”

And to top it all off… These advanced 55-inch touchscreens are capable of showing four whole tweets at a time.