Original Link: http://rogerstringer.com/ergotxt/

A couple years ago, I offered a service called ErgoTxt, it gathered motivational lines that it then sent out once per hour, between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

Originally, it was based on the ErgoBot twitter feed, which has since stopped updating, it still uses some of the lines from there, as well as other motivational lines that have been submitted by the original users of ErgoTxt.

It had some cool features, for example, ErgoTxt would calculate the person’s local timezone based on the phone number they used to subscribe with and only text them during 9am and 5pm.

Some of these API lookups were killed by their providers over time, and ErgoTxt kind of drifted away.

Today, I’m pleased to announce that ErgoTxt is now back and with more motivation than ever before.

You can check it out at http://rogerstringer.com/ergotxt/ but in short, how it works is pretty simple.

Just text the word “go” to 250-984-0691 and if you decide to take a break, then text the word “freeze”

After signing up, once an hour, you’ll get a text telling you to do something, or giving you advice. Some examples are:

  • Stressed about a phone call or other task? Get it over with and then tell a friend. Yes, now! Flex your calves. Need water?
  • One by one, touch your thumb and each finger together (keep as straight as possible), first left hand then right. Then backward. Repeated 5x. Water.

Part of this re-launch arises from a recent focus on getting healthier, and wanting a little extra reminder to get up and move around every hour. That’s where ErgoTxt comes in, it just helps give one more little piece of motivation to not just sit there.

Shortly, I’ll turn back on the ability to submit your own motivational lines, and thanks to Twilio’s Picture Messaging, I’m also working on some motivational images to send from time to time as well.