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I’m a huge fan of my Kindle. I actually just upgraded to the Paperwhite a couple months ago from a Kindle 2, and while I still miss the physical page-turn buttons and keyboard, the backlit screen is pretty handy.

Amazon just announced a new Paperwhite. Available for pre-order starting at $119, the new Kindle promises better contrast, thanks to a re-worked e-ink display and lighting subsystem.  The processor is also faster, yet the new Kindle boasts the same “weeks” of battery life as its predecessor.

Some updates have also been made to the software.. “Kindle Page Flip” gives users a nice way to scan through a book, complete with a thumbnail preview of the page or chapter. Footnotes now show in-line as pop-overs and both Goodreads and Freetime support will be added via a software update this fall.

The new Kindle starts at $119, with a $139 version that removes Amazon’s “Special Offers” screens. A leather case can be picked up for another $39. I grabbed this case for my Paperwhite when I got the paperwhite and it’s nice.

It ships starting September 30.