Editorial for iPad, released this week, is a long-awaited Markdown text editor and workflow automation tool for iPad — and it is powerful.

Developed by Ole Moritz – the developer of the popular Pythonista app for iOS – Editorial looks like your typical iOS text editor on the surface. It has the standard support for things like Markdown previews (including real-time syntax highlighting), Dropbox sync, TextExpander snippets, and even a built-in web browser. But from there it starts to get a little more powerful..

In addition to the file browser and text editor, Editorial contains a complete Python console and a tool for creating tons of automated workflows. You can do simple things like convert some Markdown text into HTML, or converting a selection of text into a numbered list. But you can also get into some very advanced territory, as Federico Viticci outlines in his very large review. Also, make sure you check out Gabe Weatherhead’s review.

Editorial for iPad is just $5 on the iOS App Store. If you do a lot of writing work from your iPad, you need this now.

My favourite Markdown text editor before Editorial was Byword, but I’ve switched to this app and have been loving it.