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Important information for Bento customers

FileMaker, Inc. is increasing its focus on FileMaker Product Line software. Thanks to the ease of creating iPad and iPhone solutions, our customers’ use of FileMaker on iOS is growing rapidly. Our increased focus will create an even better experience for these customers.

As part of our sharpened focus, we will stop further development of the Bento consumer products.

Bento for iPad, iPhone and Mac will continue to be available on the FileMaker Store, and the App Store and Mac App Store, through September 30, 2013.

We will provide technical support for Bento products through July 30, 2014.

We thank you for your support of Bento. We know that many Bento customers will be disappointed.

Bento is an app that I use quite a lot. It’s simple, interface made creating quick databases for keeping track of things easy. In fact, my first blood sugar tracker was built in Bento while I was in the hospital last year for insulin therapy.

I’m disappointed in this move, but not surprised… Updates have been few and far between for the past year.

The Bento Mac app was first released in 2008 to generally positive reviews, followed by an iPhone version the following year and an iPad version in 2010. Bento aimed to make database programming more approachable to ordinary users, with built-in templates for handling common tasks like tracking expenses, creating cookbooks, and managing to-do lists.

Sadly, with the rise of note-taking apps such as Evernote, Simplenote and others making it easy to set up notes between different devices, the number of users shopping for relational database-style app like Bento never really grew.

My biggest problem with Bento was that you had to sync between your mobile device and your desktop install, and then back to another mobile device over local Wi-Fi instead of always being in sync, but it was workable..