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Remember “Antennae-gate”? What a stupid name for a stupid non-scandal scandal. What about the mainstream tech press freakout over Apple’s refusal to allow Flash on iOS? That even prompted a letter from Steve Jobs. Have you noticed how Consumer Reports finds a new straw-man “issue” with each new Apple product over the last few years as an excuse to generate page views?

Keeping all of the above in mind, what do you think is going to happen in October, when the iPhone 5S/6 comes out with iOS 7? The vast majority of iPhone users, who have iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 devices (and aren’t even aware of which device they have) and have been holding out for “the new iPhone” are going to buy the new device which will have iOS 7 on it. These are the very same users who do not follow tech news. They discover features of iOS 3/4/5/6 months or years after it is released because they do not read all of the extensive reviews that are published when ever Apple lifts their press embargoes the night before the new iPhone goes on sale.

Now imagine what is going to happen when they see iOS 7 for the first time after having had iPhones for 2-4 years already. We all know that people hate change. But these people in particular, really hate change. They are not technically savvy and have a difficult time learning/getting used to the technology they do have. Remember theloud, public freakout every time Facebook does yet another massive UI overhaul. If like me, you rarely use Facebook and don’t really remember it – trust me, it happens.


It’s sad, but Joel is absolutely right.