The past couple of weeks have been busy here at our house..

Kaitlyn had her voice recital, where she was the youngest one there.. Her soccer year end wind up.. Her ballet recital and she finished pre-school..

In the fall, she’ll be starting Kindergarten.. And I can’t help but wonder where the last 5 years have gone?

In fact, even looking at her this past year I see a lot of changes.. For example, I took her swimming on Saturday.. We went for our usual 2 – 3 hours at the pool, and I watched her jumping in on the deep end (1.4 meters), and swimming to me about 10 feet then swimming back.. Even six months ago, she wouldn’t have tried to do that, where as she has no fear of doing it now.. A year ago, she wouldn’t put her eyes in the water if you paid her, now, she has no problems just jumping into the deep end of the pool and getting her eyes in the water..

She also wants to do irish dancing, musical theatre, more singing, take another year of violin or take guitar lessons, and more swim lessons.

Basically.. She’s going to be a pretty busy kid when she starts Kindergarten in September..