Original Link: http://www.loopinsight.com/2013/06/17/dont-worry-about-ios-7/

Jim Dalrymple:

Judging from my inbox, Twitter and Messages, people are losing their minds over iOS 7 and some of the changes Apple introduced at WWDC last week. Here is my advice to you — sit back, take a deep breath and relax.

There are a few things you need to remember about iOS 7. First, it’s nowhere near finished in terms of design or functionality. Apple engineers stopped adding or changing the operating system before WWDC so they had a stable build to show during the keynote. It’s not done.

iOS 7 is only on the first beta, one important rule is generally not to upgrade your devices to the first beta of any new iOS version unless you can help it, for example, if you are a developer. And even then, it should only be on a device that’s not your main day to day device..

Apple has a mountain of work ahead to get iOS 7 ready for actual release this fall, presumably, in line with the release of new iPhone and iPad devices).

But to judge iOS 7 beta 1 as you would a release version is silly. In fact, until you get to beta 3 or 4, it would be silly to judge iOS 7.