Original Link: http://www.marco.org/2013/06/06/vesper

Marco Arment:

From the outside, then, it’s easy to be dismissive or even resentful: How can these guys launch a relatively expensive text-note app that’s missing so many features of competing text-note apps?


It takes balls to release an iOS app in 2013 for $4.99.

It takes balls to enter this extremely crowded category.

It takes balls to release a note-shoebox app in 2013 that has no sync, import, or export.

It takes balls to name your note-shoebox app after a cocktail nobody has heard of, then to age-rate the app “12+ for mild alcohol references” just so the cocktail’s recipe can be included in the Credits screen.

There have been several reviews on this new note-taking iPhone app that was released yesterday by Brent Simmons, John Gruber, and Dave Wiskus (a.k.a. Q Branch). I’ve liked it so far, I downloaded it as soon as it came out yesterday, and have used it pretty heavily for my notes.

Marco’s review of the app pretty much covers what you need to know, and is worth a definite read. I also highly suggest you read Federico Viticci’s review and his interview with Gruber.