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Cody Brown:

It’s been five months since the New York Times dropped their mammoth digital story “Snow Fall,” and some people still talk about it as if it came out last week. At a conference recently, the editor-in-chief of theTimes said that “Snow Fall” has become a verb inside the newsroom. Om Malik suggested that projects like this are where media companies should be investing their money.

I was thrilled when I first saw “Snow Fall.” For the past few years I’ve been working to help publishers break from their templates and craft powerful digital stories. I work on a startup designed to streamline this process called scroll kitSo, instead of tweeting about how awesome “Snow Fall” was, I wanted to do something that would show its admirers that they can do it too—I made a replica. It took about an hour to put together, and I recorded a video of the process. I recently opened my email to see a cease and desist…