Original Link: http://panic.com/statusboard/

The app developer Panic has released only a small number of apps in the more than a decade that its been around, but its apps are often regarded as well-made and polished. Panic is today introducing Status Board, an app that turns an iPad into a news ticker, a calendar, and a widget hub all at once. The app imports data from the device, automatically filling up the screen with your Twitter feed, unread emails, and the local weather in discrete blocks not unlike what you’d find on Apple’s Dashboard. The basic widgets aren’t much to marvel at, but what makes Status Board powerful is its ability to take in data from your personal external sources. The company includes two widgets that can do more or less anything you want — if you’re savvy enough to code it, that is.

I’ve already set up a few widgets using their guides so I can track stats from the Interviewr, such as daily sign ups, how many interviews have been scheduled, etc. It works great and definitely worth picking up.