I added The Interviewr to the Chrome Web Store back in July, and today I decided to look at some stats and see if it’s been worth it.

So far, it’s been worth it. I’m currently seeing a full 1/4 of our user base coming from the Chrome Web Store, so I’d say it’s been a good experiment.

In fact, adding web apps to the Chrome Web Store has been one of the items that I’ve added to my to do list when launching new web apps.

And the reason I say web apps is because this model doesn’t fit with all projects. A standard web site blog wouldn’t necessarily be a good fit as much as a site that lets users sign up and do something would be.

So when considering if you should do the same thing with your web app.. Consider this.. Would users benefit from having a good way to access my site?

Also, when I did this launch, I also set it up to allow people to log in with their google accounts via google’s open id service, so I also highly recommend combining those two steps here for that purpose.