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The Writer's iPad

The best writing tool is the one you’ve got with you. For a lot of us writers, that means the iPad.

It is easy to write on the iPad, but harder to make it work well. With writing apps to fit your style and needs, the right accessories, and helpful tools for research, you could end up realizing that your iPad is the modern typewriter.

Thord Daniel Hedengren is a published author with several books in print right now. He’s a journalist and columnist, a former editor, and a regular contributor to several magazines and sites. The majority of everything Thord writes is written on an iPad.

So was this book. The Writer’s iPad is the definite guide for writers who want to utilize their iPads. No matter if you want your iPad to be a secondary writing device, or your primary one, this book is for you.

I picked up the Writer’s iPad this week and read it from cover to cover as soon as I got it.

The book is a nice read, and is packed with discussion on iOS’ built-in apps, third-party apps, keyboards and details about cloud services.

In the book, he builds the case that iOS — and the iPad — is a great writing tool. The one-app-at-a-time model can cut down on distractions, and the iPad’s great battery life makes it a product you can carry with you all day long.

I also like that Thord is a fan of the Apple Bluetooth keyboard and Origami Workstation setup, over some of the other keyboards. This is also my favorite keyboard set up and seems to be the common theme amongst a lot of other iPad owners as well.