Original Link: http://www.tuaw.com/2013/04/04/corona-introduces-an-sdk-starter-will-raise-pro-price-to-599/

Unity is probably the most popular tool for cross-platform development out there right now — last week at GDC, I heard a lot from developers of all sizes about Unity and how it was helping them to build games for iOS and other platforms. But Corona also has a following out there. It’s a Software Development Kit (SDK) that has been updated quite a bit lately, and I did hear a few devs say it’s what they use to make their titles. One game development student even told me he’s being taught how to use Corona specifically at school, so the tool definitely has its fans.

Today, Corona has announced that it’s hoping to make its platform more accessible than ever, with a new “SDK Starter” program that will allow developers to make and sell apps with Corona for completely free. The SDK is available as a free download, and as long as you don’t need certain features (like in-app purchases or analytics services), you can publish apps made with Corona for exactly zero dollars. Some other SDKs require you to use a certain splash screen on your app or advertise the service in some other way, but Corona’s new program doesn’t even require that — it’s really free.