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The original iPad went on sale three years ago today, and like many new Apple products, many industry analysts and tech pundits were quick to prematurely call it a flop and a disappointment.

While some folks like Erica Sadun were astute enough to appreciate the game-changing nature of the iPad, many others were underwhelmed by Apple’s foray into the tablet market.

In any event, it’s always fun to look back at predictions gone wrong; and so without further ado, here’s a look back at some choice quotes from those iPad pessimists.

David Coursey, PC World, Jan. 28, 2010

What do the new Apple iPad and Google’s Nexus One have in common? Both were DOA: Disappointing On Arrival. Neither lived up to its advance publicity. Both also turned out to be more fashion accessory than the revolutionary gizmo each portended to be.

Why is the iPad a disappointment? Because it doesn’t allow us to do anything we couldn’t do before. Sure, it is a neat form factor, but it comes with significant trade-offs, too. No 16:9 widescreen, for example.

The iPad is more evolutionary than revolutionary. People have noticed this, as even a quick scan of news stories about the iPad will quickly point out. I wonder: Has Steve Jobs’ fabled reality distortion field finally failed its creator?

Per usual, critics were also quick to point out the myriad things the iPad wasn’t capable of. For instance, check out this rundown from the ocwebdesignblog back from January 2, 2010.

Things the iPad can’t do:

  1. No Camera, that’s right, you can’t take pics and e-mail them.

  2. No Web Cam, that’s right, no iChat or Skype Video chatting.

  3. No Flash, that’s right, you can’t watch NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX or HULU.

  4. No External Ports, such as Volume, Mic, DVI, USB, Firewire, SD card or HDMI

  5. No Multitasking, which means only one App can be running at a time. Think iPhone = Failure.

  6. No Software installs except Apps. Again think iPhone = Failure.

  7. No SMS, MMS or Phone.

  8. Only supports iTunes movies, music and Books, meaning Money, Money, Money for Apple.

  9. WAY, WAY, WAY over priced.

  10. They will Accessorize you to death if you want to do anything at all with it and you can bet these Accessories will cost $29.99 for each of them.

  11. No Full GPS*

  12. No Native Widescreen*

  13. No 1080P Playback*

  14. No File Management*

E Ink CEO Russ Wilcox was also less than impressed with the original iPad

E-readers will outsell iPads because of the simple economics of the consumer device market.

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, The Guardian, January 29, 2010

You might want to tell me the difference between a large phone and a tablet

Donovan Colbert, Tech Republic, February 23, 2010

We’ve all heard countless opinions about whether Apple’s new, mid-sized form factor will be a hit. There’s no doubt that the iPad is a slick, sexy device, but I don’t think it will be an overwhelming success.

In the end, I think that the iPad will eventually be regarded much like Apple TV – a product that Jobs should have left on the drawing boards.

There are more… Much more.. But this is a sampling of what people had to say three years ago…