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In 2007, I slept in my car every day at lunch. I wasn’t drunk, homeless, or depressed. I was exhausted.

After each sleepy morning chugging coffee and writing software, I’d stumble two blocks to my car (parked under a bridge) and sleep there with the seat tilted all the way back. I played Morrissey’s weary Vauxhall and I on my iPod as I drowsed in and out of consciousness. My greatest concern was that cops — or, worse, co-workers — would tap on my foggy car window and try to rouse me.

But that never happened. I just eked out a crappy hour’s sleep and trudged back to work. I spent most of every weekend asleep, with a few hours awake in the morning and evening to eat a freezer pizza and catch up on TV. I stopped going to parties and stopped visiting friends so I could sleep. I canceled dates so I could sleep. On my birthday, I took a day off and slept in celebration.

All that sleep never helped. I was always tired.

I came across this post in the latest edition of The Magazine and wanted to share it as a person who’s had sleep apnea for 13 years and has used a CPAP machine nightly since August, 2000.

In fact, some of what Chris talks about is what I remember originally going through myself.

Chris also included some special features with further I formation…