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David Walsh:

The big news hit recently that Yahoo! gave remote workers an ultimatum:  move to Yahoo! offices or find a new job.  I was shocked that a company like Y! would ever do such a thing.  I’ve worked remotely for the past three years and I wanted to share some thoughts

David has some of the same feelings I have about working remotely, hence why I shared his post here.

Being able to work remotely is a great feeling. And I find that the days I work from home, I get more done, since I don’t have that two hour drive to interfere with it or co-workers asking stopping by to bug you.

Working remotely also tends to not be a 9-5 gig. You find yourself able to work when you need to, and that should help more towards productivity than just saying we need you here instead of remotely since it helps grow our culture.

Yahoo has responded about their reasons for the new policy, but it’s a crap move. Myers wants to make a culture like Google, and her latest move affects over 1,000 employees of Yahoo.