Original Link: http://www.appleoutsider.com/2013/02/21/ps4/

Matt Drance:

An increasingly-justified fear of irrelevance seems to be driving Sony’s every move these days. Its latest public display: yesterday’s clearly-too-soon announcement of the PlayStation 4. It was by nearly all accounts a bizarre two-hour ordeal that featured no launch date, no pricing, and no product.

Everything about this event, from the lack of specifics, to the Office Space slides with MS Paint brains, to the creepy old man head, points to a rushed announcement. Why? Why did Sony need to talk on February 20th? Why not wait for a presentable product? Some playable games? Anything real? And why release the technical specs after the event, having just filled a room with reporters for two hours? Even the official press release feels sloppy, listing PlayStation 4 itself after the new controller and camera. Everything about the announcement is weird.