Original Link: http://amzn.to/14HNiaE

Asus VivoTab Windows 8

Recently, I decided to try out a Windows 8 tablet that wasn’t a Surface, and I decided to try the VivoTab Windows 8 tablet from Asus.

I found the tablet to be nice, it’s got a good weight ratio, and is pretty fast.

Essentially, this is the Windows version of the Asus Transformer tablets for Android, but it’s faster.

In terms of Windows itself, I found it to be interesting. The performance was better than on the Surface I tried, and the difference between RT and just 8 are pretty noticeable.

One thing I found lacking however, was the lack of a USB port. With a Surface, you can plug in a keyboard or mouse and use those. Here, you are limited to bluetooth devices, which is fine, but can be annoying if you don’t happen to have a bluetooth mouse around.

In desktop mode, I found that you kind of want to have a mouse, the tablet is great as a touch device when your in the start menu (formerly known as metro mode), but when you go to desktop mode, it’s lacking. The touch targets are still made for a mouse, more than a finger, so it’s easy to miss.

Otherwise, I would highly recommend this tablet over a Surface if you are looking for a Windows 8 tablet, and the price puts it on par with the Surface RT.

Actually, price-wise, this 64 gig tablet is the same price as the 32 gig Surface RT, which considering the vivotab is running windows 8 makes it a lot more attractive than the 32 gig surface RT.

Update: it was pointed out to me today that you can use an OTG Micro-USB to USB adapter to connect keyboards and mice to this tablet, so my one complaint has been rendered null and void :)