Original Link: http://www.theverge.com/2013/1/28/3924904/pebble-smartwatch-review

Nilay Patel:

After using the Pebble for a few days, I realized that I was daydreaming about it: I wanted it to do more. That’s unusual — I rarely trust new products to work correctly, especially new products from unproven companies.

But the Pebble’s charming simplicity and fundamental competence inspires confidence. It’s so good at what it does now that it’s easy to imagine all other things it might do in the future.

There’s no reason it can’t replace a Fitbit or Nike Fuelband, for example, and I’d love to be able to send replies to emails and text directly from the device. And Pebble’s promised app support means we’ll eventually see even more uses for it.

“Potential” seems to be the big keyword with this watch.. The hardware seems nice, but the software and connectivity seem limited by iOS.