Original Link: http://www.macdrifter.com/2013/01/simplenote-lifeline.html

Today I feel like a jilted lover stalking their ex. I continue to check the developer discussion board and see many repeat complaints about bad syncing and data corruption. If you want to get a feel for how well a service is doing, Twitter searches are a great way to do it. Because I miss the halcyon days of great Simplenote syncing, I search Twitter for “simplenote” regularly. I see a lot of people leaving Simplenote because of corrupted data. That has the smell of rot and makes me sad.

Now Automattic has a chance to throw some money at solving Simplenote’s problems. My hope is that money is the easy solution. The Simperium team have good ideas about how plain text syncing should work. I’ll eagerly read about every improvement in the future. I’ll continue to check the developer discussion boards and search Twitter. It will take a lot to bring me back in to the fold though. Dropbox syncing is almost flawless and that’s a pretty high bar. While tags and fast full-text searching are wonderful features of Simplenote, in the end data integrity wins the day.