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Shaped over centuries by countless fabled influences, the language of Newfoundland and Labrador is the province’s most charming and irresistible quality.

A fascinating mosaic of words, phrases and accents make our speech as colourful as the land where it is spoken.

There are hundreds of English dialects found here – more than anywhere else in the world, and enough to merit our very own dictionary.

While the art of conversation has long been forgotten elsewhere, it thrives right here.

The spontaneity and friendliness of our people means that a simple nod, wink or wave can turn into something truly special – and, perhaps more importantly, the beginning of a story with no end in sight.

This is an interesting video from where I’m originally from.. I grew up in Newfoundland until I was 19, then I moved to Nova Scotia for a year before moving out here to British Columbia..

But what they say about the different dialects is very true.. In Newfoundland, you can tell what town a person is from by hearing him speak.. It makes it pretty interesting