Original Link: http://www.theverge.com/2013/1/17/3886592/rise-of-the-chrome-book-to-challenge-windows-laptops

Tom Warren, for The Verge:

Should the lowly Chromebook — once a laughingstock of the PC world — have Microsoft worried?

Google first announced its Chrome operating system back in mid-2009, before shipping the first Chromebook laptops with the software preinstalled two years later. At the time the idea of just a web browser for an OS seemed confusing to many, coupled with Google’s promise to target netbooks without the necessary functions and features. Nevertheless, Google shipped a developer device in late 2010 and the initial Chromebooks from Acer and Samsung went on sale in June and July in 2011 at $349 and $299 respectively. They weren’t huge sellers, but recent models could change that, and a new addition from Lenovo appears to strike at the core of…

I mentioned earlier that Lenovo moving to Chromebooks for education is an interesting move, and I have to agree that as more manufacturers move to Chrome OS, then it’s going to be more interesting.

Chromebooks are kind of the netbook of today, they are bigger laptops, usually faster, and they work nicely thanks to the Chrome OS. Especially handy for students, who have their web browsing, email, word processing, and even games all in one handy area.

As I’ve said before, my wife has a chromebook, and she uses it daily. It gets more use than her Windows Desktop gets.