Original Link: http://www.theverge.com/2013/1/17/3886142/lenovo-enters-chromebook-market-with-thinkpad-x131e

David Pierce, writing for The Verge

Lenovo’s ThinkPad lineup has been one of the best and best-known series of Windows computers over the last two decades, but it looks like Lenovo’s expanding the brand: the company has just released the ThinkPad X131e Chromebook, its first computer powered by Google’s web-based Chrome OS. There’s already a Windows-powered X131e, and it looks like Lenovo hasn’t changed much besides the operating system. The Chromebook is primarily designed for students, and Lenovo’s touting its rugged design (there’s a bumper around the edge in case it’s dropped, and even the hinges are extra sturdy) as much as its specs. The four-pound, 11.6-inch laptop comes with an Intel processor — Lenovo doesn’t specify which, but it’s a safe guess to say it won’t…

I had a Lenovo notebook computer when I was in college, that thing took a lot of beatings as it got carried to school, back home, back to school. It’s interesting that they are taking a Chromebook approach with this new one though..