I make no secret of this fact: I’m a type 2 insulin dependent diabetic, this means that five times a day I give myself a shot of insulin and four times a day I prick my fingers to check my sugar levels..

Well, insulin plus a bunch of various pills to aid this as well.

A year ago this week, I went to my family doctor after a few weeks of feeling like crap, tests showed I had a blood sugar of 38, which meant I was in the middle of a hyperglycemic attack and spent the next week in hospital getting my levels under control with insulin therapy.

Now, a year later, it’s still an up and down battle…

I’ve gotten used to detecting the highs and lows that are associated with this, you literally go from having so much energy you can leap off the walls to just wanting to sleep and sometimes within minutes of each other.

I carry my diabetic kit with me that has my blood sugar meter, my insulin pen, and sugar tablets in case I need them.

I’ve also gotten used to watching my food. I recently started carb counting, which has been interesting as well, as instead of a fixed insulin amount at each meal, the amount of insulin you have is based on the carbs in the food you eat.

But, on the up side, I’ve been losing weight and keeping it under control, and have been exercising more and getting healthier so that will help me keep this more under control with the aim of eventually getting off the insulin.