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Max Rudberg on “minimal” app designs that rely on non-obvious gestures:

These apps have chosen to reduce details to achieve a minimal UI, but in the process the UI has also become harder to use. Unfortunately a UI walkthrough is quite an inelegant way to explain the core functionality of an app. It can be a frustrating obstacle before you can dive into an app, and you have to remember all of those new ways of using it once you get in.

Marco Arment had a couple good points on this that I agree with completely:

The most important design goal for most apps should be that they’re usable. And then, further down the list — maybe second, maybe tenth, depending — should be attractiveness or adherence to a particular aesthetic.


So the answer, as always, is “It depends.”

This isn’t just the case for iOs apps, but also for web apps. It’s nice to have minimal designs, but you should also make sure they are usable..