Original Link: http://thenextweb.com/insider/2012/12/28/twitter-own-posterous-finally-lets-users-to-back-up-their-data-will-it-now-close-down-in-2013/

Jon Russell, writing for The Next Web:

When Posterous was bought by Twitter in March, the team behind the blogging platform said it would introduce a system to allow users to export their data from the service “in the coming weeks”. Eight months later, the service finally launched a back-up tool, as announced on its blog.

Initially conceived for those users who feared that Twitter’s ownership would change the platform or see it closed down, the backup feature lets users request an email which contains a zip file of all of their posts in HTML format. This significantly helps the process of moving to another host — such as WordPress or Tumblr — although it isn’t a direct porting system which would be easiest.

They make a valid point here, everyone expects Posterous to shut down at some point since being bought by Twitter, and with the new backup feature, it seems the shutdown may be closer…