Original Link: http://imgur.com/cg6O5

Results sound about right: iPad nearly an entire order of magnitude out in front; Kindle Fire second and the clear winner in the “tablet other than iPad” category; Nexus a clear third; Surface near zero.

A.X. Ian, the user behind this graphic, posted this comment explaining his methodology:

One critique is that iPad owners are more likely to tweet than other tablet owners because Twitter support is now built into iOS. I think that’s probably backwards — that if there’s a pro-iPad bias to this technology, it’s that active Twitter users are more likely to choose an iPad than non-Twitter users are. Likewise, someone who primarily just wants to read books on their tablet is more likely to buy a Kindle Fire than the average person. So Apple’s lead in tablet sales may very well not be quite as large as this analysis indicates, but I bet it’s in the ballpark.