Original Link: http://shawnblanc.net/2012/12/apples-photo-book/

Shawn Blanc:

This is the first time I’ve ordered one of the photo books from Apple and I don’t think it will be the last. It’s a hardcover book, with 20 (or more if you want to add them) full-color pages, printed and shipped for about $32. The pages are full-bleed, the color is brilliant, and the construction quality is top notch.

We have one at home with some our wedding photos in it. I also have one from when Kaitlyn was a baby, I took a bunch of photos of her first year and put them into a photo book. We’ve also given Photo Books and Apple Calendars as gifts to family and friends. The quality is great, and they couldn’t be easier to build in iPhoto. That said, there is an issue. Here’s Shawn:

The photo book isn’t really an Apple product, it’s a product Apple makes. And I am embarrassed to give it as a gift which, when first opened, is an advertisement for Apple. It’s like Apple’s version of a product with “special offers“. People see this book and they see it’s “Made on a Mac” and maybe it gives them one more reason to buy Mac.

I understand why Apple plasters its logo on this stuff, but it’s annoying. Fortunately, some of it can be turned off.