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OS is boring. It’s unconnected. It isn’t flexible. It’s slow. That’s generally the consensus. And while many look to Jony Ive’s new role as the answer, it doesn’t exactly solve these problems. So I thought I would give it a shot.

Apple has a serious problem: in this era of deep social- and web-service integration, their products don’t “just work” nearly as often as they used to. – Marco Arment

There are a ton of ways that Apple could “free” it’s mobile operating system to the power of the hundreds of thousands of apps that run on it. I could point to Siri’s inability to connect with applications beyond the superficial “launch Instapaper,” or the lack of third party widgets in the Notification Center. I could even point to the fact that Apple only allows its stock calendar app to display basic information through its icon. But those are all very straightforward and it’s kind of silly (to me) that Apple hasn’t opened these things up to developers already.

Brent Caswell has some interesting thoughts…