Original Link: http://www.theverge.com/2012/11/29/3702668/acer-c7-chromebook-review-199-laptop

David Pierce, writing for The Verge:

Chrome OS is in the midst of a sort of existential crisis. Google’s web-based OS was originally used on full-fledged, full-powered and full-priced laptops, but its niche now seems to be cheaper, smaller computers. But even in that world, there’s plenty of variation.

Samsung’s new Series 5 Chromebook costs $249, and looks and feels like a regular laptop, but it’s powered by an ARM processor that you’re more likely to find in a tablet or a cellphone. Acer has gone the opposite direction with the C7 Chromebook, which is going on sale this week. The C7’s engine is all laptop, right down to the Intel sticker on its palmrest — and yet this Chromebook only costs $199. To reach that eye-popping price point, though, Acer built a smaller (11.6-inch) device with some significant design compromises.

So who’s right? Does Chrome OS beauty come from inside or outside? And have we finally reached a point where $200 buys you a real, true, functioning laptop? Read on.

Seems like every week there’s a new Chromebook coming out..