Original Link: http://shawnblanc.net/2012/11/rdio-killed-itunes/

Interesting post from Shawn Blanc on rdio versus iTunes..

iTunes is virtually dead to me thanks to a handful of services like Rdio doing a better single-serving job than iTunes was at its all-in-oneness. I listen to all my music in Rdio, watch all my movies via my Apple TV, subscribe to all my podcasts are in Instacast, and thanks to iCloud and OTA updates I never have to sync my iPhone or iPad with my Mac.

What I love about Rdio isn’t just the massive music catalog that I have total access to, it’s also that my entire music collection is always available on my iPhone or iPad or Mac. The latter is something which iTunes Match could take care of, but then I’d lose access to the massive catalog of music Rdio gives me access to. I also love that I can listen to an album once or twice, and if I don’t like it I can move on without feeling loss. Albums I do like, and any of my old favorites, I can listen to over and over and over if I want.

Rdio is proof of two things: (a) for me, access trumps ownership; and (b) the future is in the clouds.

I switched to Rdio a little over a year ago, and before that I was an avid iTunes customer.. Since making the switch to Rdio though, I’ve barely used iTunes and it’s been working just fine.