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The Okanagan valley is home to lots of different sporting activities: boating, fishing, skiing, sailing, paddle boarding, kite surfing, lake surfing, golfing, soccer, softball, and.. you get the idea.

Local filmmaker Carey Missler has entered a U.S surfing video contest called Innersection.tv. This is  the first ever lake surfing submission to enter this contest.

For surfers, Innersection is a place to show off your surfing and become part of a high-profile DVD release. This attracts sponsors, builds fans and, most of all, shares the joy and skill in riding waves.

For filmmakers, Innersection is a forum to show your filmmaking talents. This can lead to future work, a $10,000 contract from Innersection and recognition as a credible action sports filmmaker.

Every month between July and December, Innersection will be awarding a $10,000 contract to create part of the next Innersection Films release.

Members will select from 10 nominated sections for a filmmaker to win the contract.

To see Carey’s video and to make your vote click here!

The more hits the video gets, the better chance they have at winning the contest.

Carey has been filming in icy, freezing cold conditions at Antlers Beach outside Peachland. The surf is available in the winter on the lake, but the temperatures are unbearable. I’ve seen these guys at the lake several days on my drive to the office and back.

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