Original Link: http://m.tuaw.com/2012/11/23/tuaw-smackdown-google-chromebook-vs-apple-ipad-macbook-air/

Steven Sande, writing for TUAW:

The Google Chromebook, the Samsung-built subnotebook designed for the Chrome browser-only OS, appeared on the market about a month ago. As soon as the MacBook Air-lookalike device showed up online, the TUAW newsroom erupted in discussions about whether or not it would make a good low-cost computer.

Several bloggers were attracted by the price, which at US$249 is half the price of the least expensive 10-inch iPad, though not that much less than an iPad mini. I took that as a challenge and contacted Samsung to get a loaner Chromebook to test.


For a couple of weeks, I used this device, running the most current stable version of Google’s Chrome OS, for everything from writing my NaNoWriMo novel to editing photos. I’ve had plenty of experience using Apple’s iPad and 11″ MacBook Air, so this smackdown compares the Chromebook, MacBook Air and iPad based on a wide range of criteria. Let’s take a closer look at the Chromebook first.