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The mCAMLITE™ is a sleek and portable version of the mCAM™ by Action Life Media. The mCAMLITE™ allows you to shoot stunning photos and videos and share them with the world faster and better than ever before. The aluminum frame allows for better stability and empowers the user to shoot with confidence. Interchangeable lenses give you more shooting options and the ability to capture breathtaking images that an iPhone alone never would.

The mCAMLITE is an interesting piece of hardware, it’s black aluminum body steadies your iPhone and also lets you attach it to tripods for shooting, or attach lights on to it for better lighting.

The mCAMLITE also comes with a 37mm Wide Angle/Macro Combo Lens that lets you take some nice shots, and can be switched with other compatible lenses.

I’ve had an mCAM of some sort for the past two years, and use it pretty heavily, so when the iPhone 5 model came out, I grabbed it!

And I was not disappointed, taking shots around town came out nicely, and the various lenses I’ve collected over the past two years worked well with it.

Add a microphone to the head phone jack, and you’ve also converted the iPhone into a nice video tool, that takes great family videos or for covering various events.