I’m originally from the east coast of Canada, from the province called Newfoundland..

I moved from there 12 years ago, and there’s one thing from there I can’t get anywhere else that I miss..


Despite the name, Bakeapples are not baked apples.. They are an orangey raspberry-like berry that grows wild only in very select parts of the world.

In some parts of the world, they are called cloudberries, and while some other parts of Canada have cloudberries, there’s a difference in the flavour

These berries have a sweet, tarty flavour to them.. they work excellent in jellies, tarts, jams, and liqueurs…

Everytime we do a trip back east, my 4 year old enjoys her meal of cod tongues (another Newfoundland dish), which is a favourite of hers, and we stock up on bakeapples and jams made from the berries.

Anyhow, this came about today after a discussion with my daughter who was talking about wanting to visit Newfoundland again soon as she helped wrap christmas presents to send back to family there.