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MG Siegler takes a look at what happened at Microsoft and the company’s “no compromise” approach to Windows:

A day later, all of the stories about the Steven Sinofsky departure seem to be pointing in the same general direction:

That he was indeed fired (or asked to leave).
That he clashed with Steve Ballmer.
That he didn’t work well with others.
That Ballmer wanted a more collaborative Microsoft.
That Windows 8 and Surface sales had nothing to do with it.
What I’ve heard from people both inside and close to Microsoft is in line with all of those things. But I’m still not sold on the last point.

Is it too early to gauge the success of Windows 8 and the Surface in the market? Sure. But Microsoft certainly has their own internal metrics and indicators that give them a better sense of how things are going. I’m obviously not privy to such data, but a 23-year veteran of Microsoft, the man in charge of both projects, was just fired.