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Dave Winer at Gizmodo:

By the way, this is why the orchestrated reviews of products are often worthless. I invite Mossberg, Pogue or Gruber to re-review their iPad Mini now, a week after their initial reviews, and let us know if they’re actually using it. And if they still think it’s a winner.

I believe it’s not only not a winner, but it signals a new Apple that’s no longer beyond compare, no longer insisting on delighting its users to the point of orgasm.

Dave’s opinion here is pretty much exactly the opposite of just about everybody else.. After a week, I’m still using my iPad mini, it’s actually been my go to device a lot of the time, whereas my iPad 3 gets used a little less than it used to..

John Gruber has some interesting comments on this as well:

Once you’ve shipped an iPad with a super high-resolution “retina” display, you can’t ask people to buy a new one that doesn’t have it. Steve wouldn’t have done it.

I don’t see how the non-retina iPad Mini shipping seven months after the retina iPad 3 is any different than the non-retina iPad 2 shipping nine months after the retina iPhone 4 was unveiled. Retina spoils you. If Apple could go retina across the board in one fell swoop — all iPhones, all iPads, all Macs — they would. But they can’t.

And as Jim Darymple over at Loop Insight said:

Dave didn’t ask, but I stand by my review and I’m still using my iPad mini.