Over the past weeek, several changes have been made to The Interviewr:

  • Moved from Paypal to Stripe: This was a move I wanted to do for a while, and once Stripe.com launched in Canada, I made the necessary changes. I still left the option to make deposits via paypal for now, but otherwise, everything has moved to Stripe.
  • Launched Transcription Service: I’ve been eying making this move for a few months, and last month, brought a group of transcriptionists in-house to offer the service, so far, it’s been going good.
  • PIN Access: Since people share accounts with other people (employees, co-workers), I introduced the ability to set a 5-digit master PIN. This lets users limit access to specific sections of the site without knowing the PIN number.
  • Movember Promotion: To help promote men’s health, for the month of November, 80% of all deposits, subscriptions and transcriptions are being donated to the Movember.com foundation until November 30th
Yes, that last part was in bold, to help show how serious I am about Movember.
Some other changes coming this month include finishing up the new Mobile App, which is built for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, and is looking pretty nice so far.