Today I’ve moved this site from second crack back to WordPress..

I’ve had it running on second crack as an experiment since last March and it was time to move back..

This isn’t a previous install either, this is a complete fresh install.. I’ll be posting the handy second crack to WordPress script in the next few days that I used to read each text file and create a new WordPress post.. It could come in handy to someone else.

Reasons for moving:

  1. I have nothing against second crack, it’s great but there are several bugs that make it difficult to depend on, such as archives not getting properly updated, and a few glitches related to Dropbox syncing among others.
  2. I happen to like WordPress and use it every day for various projects, so moving back makes sense.
  3. A static blog engine is fine, it’s really fast, but it has issues related to how it caches things that the smallest design change means a full reload of the site
  4. Second crack doesn’t support the plans I have for this site coming up shortly, so might as well do the move now rather than later.