Original Link: http://www.marco.org/2012/10/29/ipad-air

Marco Arment:

The first-generation MacBook Air was greeted with similar complaints. The CPU is so old and slow! The hard drive is so small! Why would anyone want that?

It was a painful computer to own. It was extremely slow, but it was just so damn nice, small, and light that it accumulated many die-hard fans who tolerated the slowness. Once you saw one, you couldn’t help but want it. Every other laptop instantly became a chunky brick by comparison. So when the second generation was released in 2010 with huge speed improvements and much lower prices, it was an instant mass-market hit, and now many of us are using MacBook Airs as our only computers.

I predict that the iPad Mini will follow a similar path, but with a big running start: the first generation doesn’t look bad at all, and it’s cheaper. It’s more like if the MacBook Air started with the 2010 generation.

Marco has a point, the first generation MacBook Air was built on two year old components, and was so popular that people didn’t care about that.. I know, I was one of the first MacBook Air owners at the time myself…