Original Link: http://www.imore.com/ipad-mini-preview-redux

Rene Ritchie wraps up much of the what and why of the expected-to-be-announced-tomorrow iPad mini.

I’m personally finding myself in the first stage of Pre-Event Sentiment Progression, in that I just don’t see what in the world I would use a smaller iPad for.

It’s difficult to speculate about the use case of a product that doesn’t even exist, but I’m going to do it anyway.

I don’t see the iPad mini replacing my current iPad for work use, nor do I see it replacing my Kindle for long-form reading. And yes, I do have the Nexus 7, which also gets used for reading. And I can’t see the iPad mini replacing that either, when I have the iPad beside it..

And maybe that’s the whole point…. Maybe the iPad mini isn’t intended to be an additional device for someone like me.

At the same time, as an app developer, I know I’ll get one anyway, to make sure all my apps work well on it for both myself and my clients, but that’s not the usual use case for a device like this..