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Lots of words have been written about Microsoft’s new Surface ad. I think Gruber said it best:

It’s a brand ad, not a product ad — not about what Surface can do or how. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. The ad has a clear message: Surface is an iPad-size tablet with a magnetic keyboard cover and it’s fun. That’s a pretty good message. It’s about framing the product in people’s minds.

The spot immediately reminded me of Apple’s iPod ads from several years back. There are some obvious similarities: people are dancing around, enthralled with the product in their hands. Very little information about that product is actually shared, and we really don’t even get a great look at what is being sold.

As Gruber said, it’s about selling a brand.

(Insert Marco’s “braaaaand” voice.)

Some very astute observations from Stephen Hackett. When I saw the Surface ad a few days ago. I had to ask myself what they were trying to market? They show off the keyboard and the kick stand, and a bunch of people running around dancing, but nothing about what you can actually do with the Surface.

Pretty much exactly as Stephen mentioned above, it’s a lot like the old iPod ads, before they had apps to show how useful the device really becomes..