Original Link: http://www.codediesel.com/javascript/building-a-self-correcting-email-input-field/

Email is one of the common input fields in any web form. Many sites use two email fields to make sure that the user has entered correct email ids. This is a common idiom in web design, and it is surprising that it has not changed over all these years. One of the interesting alternative I found is the ‘MailCheck’ JavaScript library. The library enables you to offer the user a suggestion for the domain name if he makes a mistake while entering. A demo is shown below.

Enter an email id in the ‘E-mail’ field below with an incorrect domain name, like ‘[email protected]’ and change the focus to the ‘Name’ field. The form should then offer a suggestion on the correct domain name. Note that the script will only try to check for incorrect name in the domain part of the email address and not the local part, the one before the ‘@’ sign. The script also checks for the correct top level domain (TLD).

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