Original Link: http://www.theverge.com/2012/9/20/3363424/walmart-drops-amazon-products

Louis Goddard, writing for The Verge:

Retail giant Walmart is to stop selling Amazon’s Kindle e-readers and tablets, according to an internal memo obtained by Reuters. In what will be seen as a clear snub to the online retailer and content provider, the memo explains that “we have recently made the business decision to not carry Amazon tablets and eReaders beyond our existing inventory and purchase commitments. This includes all Amazon Kindle models current and recently announced.”

The move follows a similar decision made by fellow big-box retailer Target earlier this year — justifying dropping the products, Target management described a “conflict of interest” between their strategy and Amazon’s, which has focused on aggressively undercutting traditional retailers. Walmart has not yet issued an official statement on its decision.

This is an interesting move from Walmart and Target, wonder what Amazon’s reaction will be..